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No man is an island... and neither is a Family! It takes the hard work & dedication of extraordinary people to make Quicksylver work. Read on to learn about these special individuals.

Charles L. Jones - VP: Quicksylver, Inc.


Charles Jones’ life embodies the true nature of a Renaissance Man. Born in Brooklyn and having lived in NY, Alabama, Georgia, Kansas and Japan, Charles has had first-hand experience in multiculturalism and appreciates the beauty inherent in every walk of life.

One side of his nature is rooted in the physical; he was a member of the US Military and has been a practitioner of the Martial Arts for many years, studying Tae Kwon Do, Jeet Kun Do & Aiki Do. His other side is full of the artistic, such as studying Japanese flower-arranging, writing, and facilitating his passion for languages – he speaks Japanese fluently and has more recently added Chinese to his repertoire.

Charles majored in English, Philosophy and Political Science, and brings these flavors to his writing. He currently fills the position of Vice President of Quicksylver, Inc., sharing the reins of the business aspects of the company with G. Russell Gaynor. His goals include expanding his role within the company, and he has designs on expanding his writing to scripts and full-length novels.

Landry Zock - VP: Productions


Landry Zock was born in Douala, an industrial city in Cameroon, Africa. As a child, he loved watching movies of all kinds and remembers wanting to be involved in filmmaking even at that young age. A favorite pastime was impersonating Hollywood actors. In 1994, Landry moved to the United States and found himself in California. Being in the “movie state”, as he called it, he knew his dreams were bound to come true… it was only a matter of time.

In high school, he took a video production class and shot his first short film with a friend of his. The film was called “Feds” and was made as part of a showcase for their school’s morning news program. The friends received high praise for the film, and at that moment Landry realized that not only was his passion in the field of filmmaking, but that he had the talent to realize his dream.

Now, as part of the Quicksylver family, Landry has found a home for his skills and goals and looks forward to helming Quicksylver Productions into bold, new directions.

Eric Ray - Lead Artist


Eric (aka: Takkless) is a self taught illustrator who's been working to develop his style since putting pen to paper as a wee tot. High School and the years after brought a concentration on character design and development, and in lieu of formal training Eric draws heavily from his major influences, including Brom, Luis Royo, Bernie Wrightson, Ed Benes, Stan Lee, Jim Lee, Alfonse Mucha, and many others.

Eric is married to a lovely woman, Rose, and has two beautiful girls, who know to within a hair's width just how tightly they have him wrapped around their fingers. He currently resides in Charlotte, NC and makes a living as an artist and tattooer, occasionally journeying down to Atlanta just to keep the rest of the Q-family in line.

Amy Owens - Writer


Amy has been writing since she learned to write, always improving and learning how to expand her craft. In one of her first professional submissions, she won a short story contest, placing 2nd. She has had two poems published and has a notebook full of more poems, but finds herself more drawn to narrative writing more so than poetry these days. She hasn’t turned her back on poetry, but is simply waiting for the next bout of inspiration. She is looking forward to having her work produced with Quicksylver Publications.

Amy has had several plots developed for novels and has finished a small collection of short stories. She is constantly adding to her writing portfolio and looks forward to stretching her creative muscles with Quicksylver. Amy has an Associates Degree in accounting and worked with small business accounting from 1986 to 1997.

Desirée Kern - Artist


Born and raised in Canada, Desirée Kern discovered a love for drawing at an early age... on the wall behind her parents couch, in crayon. Once she had been sold on the idea of paper as a preferred medium, she was rarely bored, and spent most of her time working on her theory that everything under the sun looks better when rendered by an artist.

University was a chance to explore and expand the work she began on her own. She completed a Bachelors of Science in Art, and double minors in Camping Recreation and Technical Theater while continuing to work on her art & adding skills in theatre management, production and performance.

Although drawing has remained her preferred medium, Desirée has developed her skills in every form of artistic expression she could find, including computer graphics, photography, makeup design and even a burgeoning fashion clothing line.

These days, Desirée’s talents are kept busy with various commissions and personal projects, and she is excited to add Quicksylver to that list.

Susan Blanton - Associate


A proud mother of two, Susan is an eager student of the protocols and principles of film-making. She uses her talents as a Marketing Specialist to increase the popularity of the Quicksylver Brand, as well as moving Q Inc's message and capability into the community.