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What's Going On...


Things are always happening at Quicksylver, Inc., and we want to keep you informed!

Check back here often to stay up-to-date about current news and upcoming events.

October 2010
SylverReel II: A Night of Shorts
August 2009

SylverReel: A Night of Shorts

Quicksylver Productions, a subsidiary of Quicksylver, Inc. is annoucing a local Atlanta event, SylverReel: A Night of Shorts.  This one-night screening will feature short films from independent filmmakers around the Southeast, showcased at the Midtown Arts Cinema.  The event will take place on November 24, 2009 at 7:00 PM.

Submissions are currently being accepted through the QProductions website - either click the link to the left or go to: SylverReel for more information & directions on how to download the submission form.

Any questions should be sent to

September 2008
Quicksylver has just optioned another script written by G. Russell Gaynor, Shadow Guardians. This fast-paced action flick with a twist has been optioned by Mystique Entertainment in association with Hear My Hands, a non-profit organization for the hearing-impaired.

Congrats to all parties & we'll keep you updated as things progress with this exciting project!
August 2008
Quicksylver Publications, a subsidary of Quicksylver, Inc., is really on the move! Coming Soon are three new novels from the team who brought you NightWalkeR, The Blacke and more.

"QPub" will be releasing Riddle of the Source, the thrilling sequel to the popular Mind of the Man-Child, SylverMoon Chronicles, a compilation of genre short stories (Sci-Fi, Fantasy & Horror) written by six authors from the Quicksylver fold, and Zodiac: Book of Aries, the first book in an action-packed new series by G. Russell Gaynor.

Check back here for the notice of when these books are ready for sale... and Happy Reading!
April 25,2008
It's official! "The Lords of Steel", a Quicksylver script written by G. Russell Gaynor, has been optioned by Black Jewel Films out of Beverly Hills, CA.

Congrats to Russell, Quicksylver Productions, and Black Jewel Films! Look for more updates here as information on sale & production becomes available.
September 5, 2007
Dragon*Con Review

It is difficult to put into words the wonder of it all! For the first time patron, it is akin to stepping into a new part of the world; a part you always hoped existed but had never seen. There was a freedom of expression and a level of tolerance that approached Utopian! For a moment, I embraced the life that was a dream.

Needless to say, there were a few factors to keep me grounded. The first one was getting out of bed and getting to the Exhibitor’s Hall by 9:00AM. Then there was my family, the ones I call partners. They did their level best to keep me grounded as the days passed on. And it was all for good reason, as it turned out that though we did not have the greatest amount of traffic, you could not hear crickets either – and as the people found us, Quicksylver became something more than just an idea shared between only those who are in the organization, she became something that caused people to pause as they walked. A few asked about our symbol (kudos to JD once again) and in the explanation, we received smiles and nods instead of the feared glances of utter confusion. In short, we were appealing to one of the many audiences to which we will be catering. There was not a single objection to the materials we offered or the face we displayed; only curiosity and satisfaction for those that took it upon themselves to resolve their curiosity.

In the midst of it all was Deric and Company, better known as Griffon. The technicians behind this gem of an e-zine stopped by the booth and were very much interested in TH’IAM and its first tome, MoonSet. So much so that they invited us up to their room to run a bit of a demo game for them. What a crazy bunch! Between Gary and Kai, there was no refuge; while Deric, David, Jody and Will Ferrell’s younger brother “Bubba” tried to keep the party going in scenario terms. Since they hardly ever listened to David, they were always slightly off-center. Adam was the perfect leading non-leader and Bubba re-wrote the book on the word hero. He may look silly, but the man is a true Crusader at heart! Still, with beginning Questors, that is normally the way; it’s all fun and games until somebody loses a character. It was great spending time with the Griffon Gang and we look forward to further encounters.

All in all, the expectations of Dragon*Con were exceeded and now we are circling our wagons to make sure our next offerings to the masses are just as sharp and powerful. Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition and they damn sure weren’t expecting us… We’re here all the same!
August 31 – September 3, 2007

Quicksylver has finalized plans to see and be seen at Dragon*Con 2007.

Stop by the QP Booth in the Exhibitor Hall (Grand Ballroom & Grand Salon - Atlanta Hilton Towers Hotel) to see the latest in Sci-Fi novels, new Laurel Graphics Merchandise, Sketch Books by our artists, and our biggest surprise - the debut of a brand-new RPG System!!

There will be treats & surprises during the entire run of the con, so come on by & meet the Quicksylver team...

We can't wait to see you!