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Quicksylver, Inc. is a multi-faceted, dynamic artistic production company offering diversified services and support in every area of the arts. Quicksylver’s focus is to provide support to new and existing artists. In the simplest terms, Quicksylver will be the means the unknown will use to become mainstream, household artists. Our commitment to this is to allow their talent to grow and develop in a highly creative, collaborative environment. A means to that end is to build a network of agents, studios, and producers, and to support members of the artistic community through accessing funding and other resources on their behalf. Partners may themselves be artists but are foremost dedicated to the actualization of this mission statement by the dedication of their creations to Quicksylver.

In these times, when values cascade into the stuff of yesteryear, Quicksylver is the exception to the rule. Supporting the arts of tomorrow, teaching the audience of tomorrow, and perhaps, through the realization of this statement, those treasures that have been lost will be revitalized and regained.